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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Anna Hazare and his philosophy

anna hazare philosophy


  • Over every huge tree that we see over ground, there always is a seed that had submerged itself into the darkness of the soil.
  • Ban on consumption and sale of alcohol lays the foundation of rural development.
  • It is impossible to change the village without transforming the individual. Similarly it is impossible to transform the country without changing its villages.
  • If villages are to develop, politics have to be kept out.
  • Education without spirituality cannot help development.
  • Money alone does not bring development, but it certainly corrupts.
  • In the process of rural development, social and economic development should go hand in hand.
  • The work of social transformation is neither easy nor impossible.
  • The ultimate goal of all politics and social work should be the uplifting of society and of the nation.
  • Books alone cannot prepare future citizens, it requires cultural inputs to do so.
  • Educational institutions are not enough to make good citizens, every home should become an educational center.
  • Indulgence causes disease whereas sacrifice leads to accomplishment.
  • One should not accept anything free; accepting charity makes one lazy and dependent.
  • When the person learns to see beyond his self-interest, he begins to get mental peace.
  • One who performs all worldly functions and still remains detached from worldly things is a true saint.
  • Salvation of the self is a part of salvation of the people.
  • It is experience that gives the direction but it is youth that gives the drive to every plan.

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